Aarogya Siddhi Yog


• It is a Sanskrit word and it loosely means ′health.′
• In deeper sense, it means not just health but ′Holistic Health.′
• Health not just at physical level but also at mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
• Therefore, Aarogya simply means physically fit body, stress-free/relaxed/peaceful & tranquil mind, positive emotions/feelings and full faith in Higher Reality!


• This again is a Sanskrit word and means ′attainment of perfection′.
• This is possible only through consistent and persistent efforts towards attaining the set goal or objective.


• The word ′Yog′ is derived from Sanskrit word ′yuj′ or ′yujir′ which broadly means ′to unite′. To unite ′jeevatma′ with ′Parmatma′. To unite consciousness with Super-consciousness.
• And this becomes possible when one learns to control cessation of modifications of the mind.
• There are many different ways to achieve this state of being such as thru Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog, Jnan Yog and Raj Yog.