Yoga Benefits

Benefits of Classical Yog

Unlike any physical exercise which predominantly impacts the body, Classical Yog practices give miraculous results on total personality of the practitioner which covers body, mind, emotions and spirit. This in turn transforms practitioner′s entire life-style for the better! Listed below are few of the general benefits experienced through consistent and persistent practice of Yog.

Classical Yog Benefits at Body Level

• Body becomes more flexible.

• Metabolism gets tuned up.

• Promotes a feeling of well being.

• It enables the body to realize its full potential of good health.

• Stimulates the body and provides natural immunity against diseases.

• Results in deeper, sound sleep and a general sense of restfulness and well being.

Classical Yog Benefits at Mind Level

• Yog brings harmony in thoughts and actions.

• Helps to re-fresh and relax the nerves and calm the mind.

• Leads to better concentration.

• Increases awareness.

• Reduces mental stress.

• Reduces depression.

• Creates general feeling of peace and tranquility.

Classical Yog Benefits at Emotional Level

• Excellent physical health leads to relaxed approach to emotional problems.

• Helps to gain control over thoughts and feelings instead of being controlled by them.

• Negative emotions and feelings are replaced by positive emotions and feelings.

• Deeper sense of peace, tranquility and lasting happiness.

Classical Yog Benefits for over-all efficiency at Work Place

• Improves memory.

• Helps to improve Emotional Quotient.

• Helps to improve quality and quantity of work output.

• Improves decision making as you are always at peace with yourself.

• Helps to improve creativity.

• Yog practice provides enough energy and vigour to last the day.

Classical Yog Benefits for Old-Age

• Helps to regain health and vitality.

• Preserves mental health and clear thinking.

• Improves immune system.

• Helps to retain memory.

• Retards ageing process and makes practitioner look younger by years!