Aarogya Siddhi Yog is headed by Harish G Bhinde who has been practicing Classical Yog since last 30 years. He was initiated into Yog at the age of 44 years on advice of a Doctor to get relief from various physical ailments such as severe backache, arthritis, acidity, etc. Cure and not just relief, from these ailments inspired him to pursue deeper study of Classical Yog. He has been trained as a Yog Teacher at:

“Bihar School of Yoga" at Munger, Bihar in the year 1993 which is off-shoot of “Divine Life Society”, Rishikesh, founded by Swami Shivananda and is run by Sanyasins totally devoted to the cause of Yog. It is rated as one of the best Yog Centres in the world for learning of Classical Yog.

“The Yoga Institute", Santa Cruz, Mumbai in the year 1999. This institute was founded by Shri Yogendraji, the pioneer for introducing Yog to the householders. In December 2012, the institute completed 94 year of its foundation. The teaching of Classical Yog at the institute is purely based on Patanjali Yog Sutras. The Institute has also been doing extensive research to simplify Asanas, Pranayama and other Yogic Practices to suit different age levels of the common householders. Participants from all around the world come to learn Yog at the Institute.

Besides qualifying as Yog Teacher from the above reputed institutes, he has also attended Yog Training and Self-development courses at various other Institutes such as:

• Vipassana Meditation at Igatpuri.

• Yog course by Ambica Yog Kutir of Nikam Guruji, Thane, Mumbai.

• Yog Course from Yog Vidhya Niketan of Shri S. P. Nimbalkar, Dadar, Mumbai.

• Art of Living basic and advance courses at Mumbai & Banglore.

• Art n Living Sahaj Samadhi course.

• Art of Living DSN course.

• Sri Sri Yoga Course of Art of Living at Mumbai & Pune.

• Art of Living TTC-1 course at Bangalore Ashram.

• LIFE (Living In Freedom & Enquiry) programme of Swami Sukhbodhnanda, Bangalore.

• Existential Lab. by Swami Sukhbodhnanda at Bangalore.

• Yog classes of Swami Ramdevji at Mumbai.

• Laughter Yoga course under the guidance of world famous Dr. Madan Kataria.

• est programme of Werner Erhard of U.S.A.

• Reiki upto level 2.

• Pranic Healing - Basic Course
......just to name a few!

On academic front, he has served Petroleum Industry through Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. & Reliance Industries Ltd. for more than 45 years. He opted for Voluntary Retirement from IndianOil to pursue deeper study of Yog and understanding Self!

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of purest form of age-old, time-tested, traditional, Cassical Yog based on Maharshi Patanjali’s “Ashtanga Yog” with the intention of promoting Holisitic Health (covering Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit) of the participants; and not just their Physical Fitness; using integrated approach of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Bandhas, Kriyas, Mudras and other Yogic Practices and Philosophy.

(Note : With the present scenario in India of high influence of commercialised Yog with leaning on Westernised yogic practices; which focus on Physical Fitness rather than Holistic Health; there is an urgent need to preserve the sanctity and purity of our Classical Yog which is based on the experience of thousands of Rishis & Yogis spread over more than 5000 years.)