Current Offerings

• Yog @ Classroom

• Yog @ Home

• Yog @ Young Age

• Yog @ Work

• Yog @ Events

• Yog @ Co-operative Housing Society

• Yog @ Week-ends

• Personal Counselling

• Laughter Yoga

Morning and evening classes in batches of not more than15 participants (to ensure

individual attention) are conducted to cover integrated approach to Classical Yog which


• Asanas

• Surya Namaskar

• Tibetan Rites

• Pranayama

• Meditation

• Kriyas

• Bandhas

• Mudras

• Yogic Philosophy

• Dietary Guidance

• Lifestyle Guidance

Personal coaching in the comfort of your own home (our speciality) to suit your individual

health issues/requirements and days/timings. The inputs involve Asanas, Pranayam,

Meditation, Bandhas, Kriyas, Mudras, Diet and Lifestyle guidance, specific guidance for

related health issues.

For children in the age group of 8 to 14 years, week-end batches are organised. The Yogic

inputs are specially designed for children which are very simple and basic and include:

• Simple Asanas

• Simple Pranayama

• Stories

• Videos

• Educative Games

• Creative Activities

The objective is to inculcate Yogic life style at very young age which can help them to


• Better concentration

• Better retention

• Improved memory

• Creative thinking

• Value based life style

Basic Yogic practices on corporate offices, call centers, work places etc. that can be

practiced right from the office chair to minimize the ill effects of sedentary lifestyle.

The inputs involve basic stretches, breathing exercises, eye exercises, dietary advice and

lifestyle guidance.

Specific introductory yoga session at corporate event such as seminar, conference, dealer meets etc.

For large Co-operative Housing Societies having their own Community Centre/ Club House,

special Yog batches can be organised at mutually agreed Terms & Conditions.

For those who are hard pressed on time on working days, we have special weekend classes to

cover the basic Yogic practices taught in Common Yog Batches as stated above.

Personal counselling for individuals is offered for any specific stress, anxiety,

depression, relationships or other health related issues. Number of sessions required

would depend on the nature of the issue and willingness of the participant to follow the

suggested guidelines.

Laughter is the best tool for de-stressing. We conduct Laughter Yoga session for corporate offices, co-operative housing societies etc. We also train personal to conduct Laughter Yoga sessions.